Get High-Quality, Clean Industrial Towels in Kansas City

The efficiency of many businesses depend on having the materials on hand to keep things clean. Our service for industrial towels in Kansas City makes sure your shop, warehouse, or other business always has clean towels ready for use. Whether you own or manage a gym, automotive shop, car wash, glass cleaning company, or any industrial business, we provide freshly laundered shop towels when you need them. Not only will you save money and help the environment, but we’ll also take care of the inconvenience of washing them. Walker Towel & Uniform has a variety of tough, resilient towels that can withstand the conditions of your operation, so contact us today to learn more!

Industrial Towel Products

Shop Towels
Our shop towels are ideal for both maintenance and cleaning purposes in a variety of industries. Our red shop towels are perfect for mechanics, machine shops, and others in the auto industry while our blue towels are often used in the printing industry by print shops and more.

terry towels
Terry Towels
Our terry towels are a great choice for many industrial businesses. They are the perfect multi-purpose solution for businesses that require towels with high water and moisture absorbency, including car washes and glass cleaning companies.

microfiber towels
Microfiber Towels
The dirt-trapping ability and softness of microfiber towels make them the ideal choice for many applications. Body shops and car washes, for example, can use microfiber towels for car polishing while other industrial businesses may use them for clean room dusting.

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