Our Quality Kitchen Towels in Kansas City Are Perfect for Your Kitchen

Towels are the workhorse of the kitchen. They play an important role in ensuring the efficiency and smooth operation of the process and tasks required to feed your customers. Whether it’s washing and drying dishes or keeping preparation areas clean and tidy, having the right towel for the job can make all the difference. At Walker Towel & Uniform, we have different towels available to best fulfill the needs of your kitchen staff.

Kitchen Towel Products

kitchen Towels
Kitchen Terry Towels
With their high absorbency, our terry towels are the perfect general purpose solution for your commercial kitchen. From kitchen spills to wet dishes, these towels can do whatever you need them to.

kitchen glass towels
Kitchen Glass Towels
For glass surfaces and glassware in your kitchen, a more specialized kitchen glass towel is the best choice to get an attractive, streak-free shine. Your customers will appreciate using glassware that looks—and is—clean.

microfiber towels
Lint-Free Microfiber Towels
Perfect for cleaning your kitchen, our lint-free microfiber towels trap and hold all kinds of kitchen messes. They are non-abrasive to keep your kitchen surfaces beautiful, while their soft fibers are perfect for polishing.

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