Attractive, Affordable, and Professional Kitchen Uniforms in Kansas City

Comfortable, clean, crisp chef and cook uniforms are the hallmark of a high-quality establishment. When your kitchen staff are outfitted with the appropriate kitchen uniforms, they feel more at home in the kitchen. At Walker Towel, our professional restaurant uniforms and additional laundry service let your chefs and cooks focus on what’s important—cooking magnificent meals—instead of worrying about the look of their attire and the hassle of keeping it clean.

Kitchen Uniform Products

Chef Coat
Chef Coats
A staple of a chef’s uniform, the chef coat is one of the most important parts of your kitchen staff’s apparel. Made out of comfortable fabric that will keep your chef cool, even in the heat of the kitchen, our chef coats are durable and can withstand the wear and tear of a busy restaurant.

Kitchen Uniforms
Cook Shirts & Pants
Cook shirts and pants from Walker Towel & Uniform come in a variety of styles to perfectly match the functionality needs of your kitchen and staff. Made from high-quality, comfortable material, our cook shirts and pants can stand up to the challenge of your kitchen.

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