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In the medical field, cleanliness and safety are incredibly important to preserving the health and safety of your patients and employees. At Walker Medical Linen Services, our understanding of your needs means that you can count on us for the medical linens, including medical and surgical towels, your healthcare operation needs. Our towel rental and cleaning service ensures hygienic and safe towels that can be used throughout your practice. When cleanliness matters, you can count on Walker Medical Linen Services to meet the highest standards.

Medical Towel Products

Surgical Towels
Our surgical towels a have a tight weave and resilient fibers for increased durability and softness. The fabric is made of synthetic fibers that are locked into a highly absorbent twisted yarn to aid in the prevention of lint, a well-known carrier of bacteria.

terry towels
Terry Towels
When your patients have to stay for treatment, you can help improve their comfort by providing soft, absorbent terry towels that they can use to maintain their personal hygiene. We carry a variety of terry towels for personal use including hand towels, washcloths, and bath towels.

microfiber towels
Microfiber Towels
When patients and their families visit your medical facility, their standards of cleanliness are very high. Our microfiber towels are the perfect solution to trap dust, dirt, and liquids and keep your facility clean, which will in turn improve the quality care your patients receive.

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