Keep Your Facility Clean with Our Microfiber Towels & Mops in Kansas City

Some of the most versatile and effective cleaning materials around use microfiber. At Walker Towel & Uniform Service, we provide both microfiber towels and mops for the benefit of your facility. Microfiber products are effective because they literally consist of micro fibers—with our products, the fibers have been split to 1/16th the diameter of a human hair—that increase surface area to better trap dirt. You can count on the technology of our microfiber products to leave the surfaces at your facility sparkling clean and help reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Microfiber Products

blue microfiber towels
Microfiber Towels
High absorbency, dirt and contaminant trapping abilities, durability, and softness—what more could you want in a towel? Our microfiber towels are the perfect solution to getting your facility perfectly clean. No more dust, lint, or dirt left behind!

blue microfiber mop
Microfiber Mops
Walker Towel & Uniform Service believes in helping you keep your facility as clean as possible. Our lightweight microfiber mops get your smooth surface floors cleaner with less water, chemicals, and elbow grease. Use them wet or dry for added versatility.

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