Choose from Our Selection of Mops in Kansas City

Keeping your facility clean—whether it’s an industrial shop, medical facility, restaurant, or any other business—is easy when you purchase the right supplies. At Walker Towel & Uniform Service, we carry a variety of mops to best match the function you need. Each has its own special benefits and come in a variety of sizes for your convenience.

Mop Products

Dust Mops
A great general purpose dry mop, our dust mops come in four sizes to best meet your needs. They are available in 18″, 24″, 36″, and 60″. They are designed to attract and trap dust particles and can be used on floors, walls, ceilings, and other surfaces.

blue wet mop - Copy
Wet Mops
Our 12 ounce wet mops are the ideal general purpose mopping solution. They can be used on a variety of floor surfaces. Made out of high-quality, durable fibers, they last through a number of uses and are an affordable, practical choice for most facilities.

blue microfiber mop
Microfiber Mops
Our microfiber mops are great for general purpose applications, as well as for more specialized functions. This mop is known for its dirt and contaminant trapping abilities and would be perfect anywhere cleanliness and hygiene matter.

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