Comfortable Patient Gowns in Kansas City

Your ability to care for your patients depends on being able to perform medical exams easily. We carry different styles—including IV gowns, mammogram gowns, and more—to make your job easier while preserving the comfort and modesty of your patient. Whether you choose to simply purchase patient gowns or to use our additional linen management program, we have the solutions your medical facility.

Patient Gown Products

patient gowns
Standard Patient Gowns
Our standard patient gowns are designed with your patients and doctors in mind to make exams easy and stress-free. Made by PerforMAX, our patient apparel resists shrinking and fading, keeping these gowns looking newer and more comfortable than traditional blended gowns.

kids patient gowns
Pediatric Gowns
Designed with kids in mind, our pediatric gowns come in a wide range of sizes to ensure that each child experiences a comfortable fit. These gowns are soft and durable to help even the smallest patients feel secure while your doctors and technicians take care of them.

Mamo Gown
Mammogram Gowns
During a mammogram, it’s important that your patient’s gown doesn’t interfere and that they are as comfortable as possible. Our mammogram gowns are designed to address both of these needs by keeping your patient covered while still providing your technologists with ease of use.

a man and woman in IV gowns
IV Gowns
Inserting an IV line brings with it special considerations for the convenience and comfort of your patient in regards to their apparel. Our IV gowns take these considerations into account. The arms are designed with snap closures to make gown changes easier and more comfortable.

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