Attractive, Professional Industrial Uniforms in Kansas City

At Walker Towel & Uniform Service, we are in the image business. It’s our job to make sure your employees look professional, regardless of the industry you serve. Our industrial uniforms not only provide visual appeal, but they also offer durability and added safety for your employees and come manufactured with a soil release, wickable finish. Most of our uniform products are available in the following materials:

  • Cotton
  • Cotton/Poly Blend (35/65)
  • Fire Retardant (FR)
  • High Visibility (High Vis)

In addition to our product offering outlined below, Walker Towel & Uniform Service is also happy to provide laundering services. Our rigorous industrial laundry process uses scientifically calculated and computer-controlled detergents, longer agitation cycles, and higher temperatures to get even hard-use clothing their cleanest.

Industrial Uniform Products

At Walker Towel & Uniform, our industrial uniform tops come in variety of styles, from long or short-sleeved to striped, solid, or checked, and many more. We’re willing to work with what your business needs. Our tops include:

image work shirts
Image Work Shirts
a blue knit polo shirt
Knit Polo Shirts
Yellow T-Shirt
a blue oxford dress shirt
Oxford Dress Shirts
dark blue coveralls
Black jacket

We also provide a variety of materials and styles for the bottom half of your employees’ industrial uniforms, in fits for both your male and female employees. Our uniform bottoms are made from high quality materials, and are comfortable and affordable. Our specific products include:

khaki image work pants
Image Work Pants
blue denim jeans
Denim Blue Jeans
dark image work shorts
Image Work Shorts
khaki executive casual pants
Executive Casual Pants

Cost-Saving Image Programs

Premium Prep Program (PPP)

Prevent unexpected costs from ancillary charges.

Now, more than ever, organizations are looking for ways to save money. Nothing is more frustrating than budgeting for an expense and then breaking that budget because of an unexpected charge.

By enrolling in our Premium Prep Program (PPP), you prevent unexpected bill of ancillary charges. Normal ancillary charges for name and company emblems, stockroom exchange, and stockroom prep are eliminated. Each week a small weekly charge will appear on the invoice and all ancillary charges will be billed out at no charge.

Garment maintenance program
Garment Maintenance Program (GMP)

Stop paying for damaged garments…period!

Don’t spend your time worrying about whether or not employees are being “careful” with their uniforms.

By enrolling in our Garment Maintenance Program (GMP), you will never be charged for a damaged garment. Anytime a garment is damaged, including garments that are torn, ripped, stained, or otherwise unwearable, you pay nothing to have that garment replaced.

Garment Loss Program (GLP)

Lost a shirt? Can’t find that last pair of pants? Don’t worry about it—it’s covered!

Nothing is more frustrating that lost uniforms! Employees who fail to return their uniforms cost companies thousands of dollars each year.

When you enroll your employees in our Garment Loss Program (GLP), each employee can be given credit for up to five separate pieces. This includes any time the garments are not returned due to an employee or style exchange or when an employee’s service is stopped altogether.

Replace as Needed Program (RAN)

Image is our business. That’s why we automatically replace worn out garments.

No enrollment necessary!

The Replace as Needed (RAN) program is in place automatically for all of our rental customers. When a garment is getting worn out, a replacement garment is issued automatically. This program helps garments remain at or above designated image standard.

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